November 7, 2013

Falling in love...

The leaves are brightly colored and starting to fall. The air is crisp, the days are shorter, and we know winter is on the way.

Picking Apples in Massachusetts
We pick apples, rake leaves, drink cider, make soup and set our clocks back.

Laughing in the Apple Orchard

And, capture some images of Naturaleza Organic Jewelry with the colors of autumn. Celebrating the cycles of the seasons and mother nature's beauty. 
14k gold Solsticio Nacascolo Wood Ring, handmade ecofriendly wood rings by Naturaleza Organic Jewelry
14k Gold Solsticio Nacascolo

Tierra Guapinol Wedding Band Set, handmade ecofriendly wood rings by Naturaleza Organic Jewelry
Tierra Guapinol Wood Ring Set

Lados Linea Moran handmade ecofriendly wood ring by Naturaleza Organic Jewelry
Lados Linea Moran Ring

We hope you are enjoying the beauty of this year's autumn.


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