September 27, 2013

Equinox shifting energy

Was it a coincidence that over the last week we were inspired to get a lot of tedious work done? I noticed that other friends were sharing the same feeling of productivity and blissful busy-ness. The fall equinox just passed and with it comes the change of season, the noticeable shortening of days. For me it's an instinctual, internal, very subtle clue to get things in order for the fall and winter months coming.

As the winds of productivity started blowing, I first started the monumental task of organizing, deleting and archiving several years of photos. I started with over 33,000 files. It's now in a more managable format and completely off of my computer, so that's a start. It's always fun to run across old pictures and remember where we've been as a couple, a business and a family.

Like these, of Marlon making the first rings he ever made, our engagement rings.
Marlon making engagement rings 2003, Naturaleza Organic Jewelry

Original coyol engagement rings, 2003

Ultimately, this flurry of productive energy resulted in an updated logo and website design. How, I'm not sure, because my initial project was to continue to finalize the details on our forthcoming online storefront. But as I dug, played and experimented I realized that there was so much I was ready and anxious to do. A few new things I had to teach myself, but that's what keeps it interesting and exciting.

Naturaleza Organic Jewelry Logo, 2013

Lots more is in the works, so stay tuned. Hopefully the wave of productivity will inspire some more frequent blogging, as well.

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