February 25, 2013

A week goes by

Our heads are still spinning a little bit from a big week last week. We are thrilled to be so busy taking orders, working on custom designs, and meeting new customers who bring new and exciting projects to us. February has been our best month on record in the five years we've been selling on-line. Not having time to do everything we wish we could is a good problem to have!

Marlon in Naturaleza Organic Jewelry Studio, February 2013
On Friday, Marlon spent the day in a different studio, putting the finishing touches on Appalatin's next album to be released this fall.

Marlon worked through the weekend to keep up with orders and crank out some rush orders that will go out early this week.

But we were able to enjoy the sunshine and take a few long walks.
On Papa's shoulders

And bake bread.
Baking bread

And of course, play lots and lots of guitarra with Samuel.

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