April 19, 2010

Celebrating spring...

Spring is always our busiest and most exciting time of year. We just returned from a wonderful trip to Nicaragua in March, after a great show at Kentucky Crafted. In Nica, Marlon had the chance to collect a lot of materials, and most importantly, we got a chance to visit with family and friends. We came home to a lot to catch up on, but a warmer studio and beautiful weather has made it fly by and feel easy compared to the dreary and bitter cold winter days.

The garden is planted, the dogwoods have already bloomed, thank goodness Spring is in full swing!

This week Marlon will be demonstrating his craft at the Berea Artisan Center and getting ready for our favorite art fair, Cherokee Triangle!

Cherokee was our first art fair, 5 years ago. We moved to Louisville from Nicaragua and had only a week to put together a booth design, business cards, etc. Lots of great advice, creative ideas, mirrors, rocks and other props came from our friends. Five years later, it's hard to believe that this will be our 6th time at Cherokee! It's a good way to celebrate the bittersweet anniversary of moving to Kentucky, we are so thankful that so quickly we created new, lasting and warm memories in our new home. So stop by our booth with your green cup in hand, and let's say cheers to 5 years of Naturaleza Organic Jewelry!

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