October 13, 2009

Bridezilla beware, the Green Bride Guide is here!

Picture your classic Bridezilla, beautiful on the outside and crazy on the inside. She's making everyone in her life miserable. She's a mess, possessed by the years of fantasizing about the perfect day. And if Bridezilla weren't frightening enough, her carbon footprint is bigger than Bigfoot's. Her perfect wedding might be beautiful on the outside, but that pretty wedding comes with an environmental and human cost.

There are lots of new resources available for brides trying to turn a new green leaf. From traditional to funky, lots of handmade, fair trade, and ecofriendly wedding options are emerging. The Green Bride Guide is an online clearing house of providers of ecofriendly wedding services and products, and we're proud to be members of this new on-line community.

Check it out, and if you've got a Bridezilla in your life let her know that there's a cure for bad karma.

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