April 22, 2009

Celebrating Earth Day!

Today in Kentucky we woke up to sunshine. In April the days vacillate between dark skies and cold winds and perfectly blue skies that let the sunshine warm the dirt.
Our garden is full of life after patiently waiting for the peas, carrots, beets and spinach to sprout. The strawberries are already flowering!

Earth Day is an important day for us. But every year, I find myself feeling more disillusioned on Earth Day. Has it been this many years of celebrating the earth but yet we're destroying her more and more each day? I got my start as an activist creating a middle school recycling program quite a few years ago. The university where I attend graduate school still does not offer recycling in most of its buildings. And recycling is the tip of the melting iceberg, as we know. There's so much that needs to happen to save this amazing planet.

We're committing to reducing our carbon footprint even further this year. We love to travel, so we'll be off-setting our trips to art fairs, weddings and Nicaragua. After realizing that it's not hard to participate in a "blackout" by turning the electricity off for a few hours, much less an entire week like we did in the ice storm, we'll be having some self-imposed blackouts this year.

Happy Earth Day everyone. But really, can we make it every day?

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