February 15, 2009

Countdown to Kentucky Crafted...The Pimp My Booth Episode

We're working around the clock to get ready for the biggest art fair we've participated in yet. I grew up going to this art fair, one of my inspirations for "playing art fair" as a child. I never would've guessed that one day I'd really be a vendor at Kentucky Crafted.
Not only is this the biggest fair, but the first where we've really needed indoor lighting. We spent all day Saturday trying out our setup in a garage. Thankfully, Marlon can do electrical wiring and carpentry. The new wooden frame we built is a lot of work to set up, but it should work great. I guess it's a trade-off since we sell small jewelry, we still have to do a pretty elaborate booth setup to display it. Other artists have huge art, so they just have simple walls or pedestals to set up but then they have a lot more to haul. We are always tweaking our display. I think it's really important that our display help communicate that our jewelry is natural, so we use green and browns, linen and burlap. Marlon has made really nice display pieces using recycled/repurposed wood and wire. We have been gathering cool stones to use over the years, a simple and subtle way to display the necklaces. Ring display is still the most challenging piece. We are using some simple linen ring stands and we got a new ring tray too.

Checking more things off the list...
-tags printed : DONE
-new photos taken : DONE

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