January 17, 2009

Ready for 2009...

We had a wonderful trip to Nicaragua. We plan on telling some of our stories with blog posts soon. Unfortunately we found it impossible to be near internet access enough to send updates during our trip. The good thing is that we spent lots of time away from internet access and technology in general and settled in to life in Nicaragua.

Marlon is still in Ometepe Island searching for petroglyphs, and I'm back in Kentucky, freezing and slowly adapting back to life and work here. I'm juggling grad school (my last semester), interpreting, and jewelry!

This is an exciting time for us. We're getting ready to participate in our first Kentucky Crafted: The Market, a huge fair sponsored by the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program. We hope this will bring new wholesale opportunities that will sustain our business year-round.

It's exciting to be back in the Etsy world again! A break was nice, but we miss all the contact with customers and other artists. We hope our blog will be more and more of a way to stay connected.

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