December 1, 2008

Osage Orange

I just started working with Osage Orange wood (Maclura pomifera). I discovered it when I was working on an archaeological dig in Illinois few moth ego, at that time I didn't know what type of wood was it, but when I first saw it I just get fascinated with the yellow-orange color and the rings in the cross section. I collected a few pieces of wood to do some experiments. Now I have a couple of projects going on to use this beautifully wood.
It have been four months since I found this wood. Even though Osage Orange trees are really common in Kentucky, the funny thing is that I finally just learned the name of the tree a few days ago when flipping through a small book about trees of North America at a friends house. I learned that Native Americans used the wood to make bows, which made my connection to the wood even stronger, as an archaeologist and someone who used a bow and arrow as a boy in Nicaragua. I love finding out that the connections I have to certain materials end up having other stories behind them too.
Keep your eyes out for some new Osage Orange pieces on Etsy.

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