November 25, 2008

Front page glory, and the rest of my day!

Amy here...
So, I'm a full-time graduate student. Today I spent almost 11 hours in a video editing lab, learning how to edit videos for the first time, and for a grade. It's a long story, but today was one of the first days in a while I haven't checked my e-mail, Etsy, or anything all day long. My eyes felt like they were bleeding when I finally left tonight, but I was rescued with a cold margarita by good friends visiting for the holidays.
I come home, and really should just go to bed, but then I discover that my treasury "I Wood, Wood You" made it to front page today! How exciting!
Marlon also worked a long today, digging in the cold dirt in Santa Claus, Indiana (yes, the home of Holiday World), working on his third week of an archaeology dig. He's ready to make more jewelry after a weekend with my family in Henderson, Kentucky. Farm fresh produce and Thanksgiving delights await!

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