November 7, 2013

Falling in love...

The leaves are brightly colored and starting to fall. The air is crisp, the days are shorter, and we know winter is on the way.

Picking Apples in Massachusetts
We pick apples, rake leaves, drink cider, make soup and set our clocks back.

Laughing in the Apple Orchard

And, capture some images of Naturaleza Organic Jewelry with the colors of autumn. Celebrating the cycles of the seasons and mother nature's beauty. 
14k gold Solsticio Nacascolo Wood Ring, handmade ecofriendly wood rings by Naturaleza Organic Jewelry
14k Gold Solsticio Nacascolo

Tierra Guapinol Wedding Band Set, handmade ecofriendly wood rings by Naturaleza Organic Jewelry
Tierra Guapinol Wood Ring Set

Lados Linea Moran handmade ecofriendly wood ring by Naturaleza Organic Jewelry
Lados Linea Moran Ring

We hope you are enjoying the beauty of this year's autumn.

September 27, 2013

Equinox shifting energy

Was it a coincidence that over the last week we were inspired to get a lot of tedious work done? I noticed that other friends were sharing the same feeling of productivity and blissful busy-ness. The fall equinox just passed and with it comes the change of season, the noticeable shortening of days. For me it's an instinctual, internal, very subtle clue to get things in order for the fall and winter months coming.

As the winds of productivity started blowing, I first started the monumental task of organizing, deleting and archiving several years of photos. I started with over 33,000 files. It's now in a more managable format and completely off of my computer, so that's a start. It's always fun to run across old pictures and remember where we've been as a couple, a business and a family.

Like these, of Marlon making the first rings he ever made, our engagement rings.
Marlon making engagement rings 2003, Naturaleza Organic Jewelry

Original coyol engagement rings, 2003

Ultimately, this flurry of productive energy resulted in an updated logo and website design. How, I'm not sure, because my initial project was to continue to finalize the details on our forthcoming online storefront. But as I dug, played and experimented I realized that there was so much I was ready and anxious to do. A few new things I had to teach myself, but that's what keeps it interesting and exciting.

Naturaleza Organic Jewelry Logo, 2013

Lots more is in the works, so stay tuned. Hopefully the wave of productivity will inspire some more frequent blogging, as well.

September 24, 2013

A little DIY design

I guess once you've been doing something for ten years, perhaps you're not necessarily an amateur. That's what I've called myself, all these years as I've built our various websites for Naturaleza Organic Jewelry.

The first website I ever "designed" was a personal page created with Yahoo, circa 2001. It featured bright colors, links to my favorite poems, photos and other inspirations from my time in Nicaragua. This was when I had my first digital camera, which probably didn't even have a mega of pixels. It was a very limiting platform, but it piqued my interest in some amateur web design.

Since then I've designed and re-designed the Naturaleza Organic Jewelry website at least four major times. Each time we've felt that a makeover was long overdue to keep the site fresh. Each time we've considered hiring a web designer, but I've always started tinkering with it myself for just enough that there's been no turning back, or turning it over.

I'm not a professional graphic designer, but once I'm doing it I do really love the challenge. I become totally obsessed. And looking back on all these years of DIY web design, I'm pretty amazed at the tricks I've taught myself mostly by trial and error. I am also constantly frustrated with my limitations and the limitations of my budget-technology. 

One way or the other, I'm back at it again. We've got several new tools, a fresh logo and new content all on the horizon and some of it is already live. 

I'd love to hear your ideas and feedback on our site and what would make it more user friendly.

July 29, 2013

In the Studio: Recycled Gold Cufflinks

From the studio this weekend,  custom cufflinks in progress. Customers provided 10k gold that was recycled and repurposed to create meaningful cufflinks for the groomsmen.

July 24, 2013

Solsticio Oro Nacascolo Wood Ring

A strong design featuring a thick inlay of 14k yellow gold.
After many requests for this design, the Solsticio Oro Nacascolo takes a permanent place in our shop. We love the fine grain and classic brown color of the nacascolo wood, hand collected in Nicaragua. The ring pictured is 8mm wide, but like all of our designs can be requested in the size and width that you prefer.
Solsticio Oro Nacascolo Wood, Gold and Sterling Silver Ring

July 23, 2013

Tree Top Table

Making the studio the perfect work space is always a work in progress. All of the work benches are re-purposed wood, shelves and cabinets. We've long been in need of a new gluing station, so Marlon finally put together an old shelf atop a piece of wild cherry trunk (removed from our yard). Perfecto!

March 13, 2013

Raising another tree hugger (or kisser)

Samuel has already begun to demonstrate his love for mother earth and the trees!